Cosmetic Dentistry - Putting the Smile on your face

Cosmetic Dentistry - Putting the Smile on your face

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Cosmetic Dentistry - Putting the Smile on your face

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that is why your smile is so important. It is how you face the world, and you want a gleaming mouth full of white, straight teeth. You want your smile to light up the room. Everyone assumes that dentists look after the health of your teeth, and that is true. But we do so much more. One of our most important roles is to increase the wattage of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry, also known as aesthetic dentistry, is an important part of our work. And we love it – it is literally the business of putting a smile on our customers’ faces.

Cosmetic dentistry

So what is cosmetic dentistry? It encompasses a wide variety of treatments. It can refer to a range of treatments that improve a patient’s teeth, gums or bite. A good cosmetic dentist can improve the colour of your teeth, built up damaged teeth, and straighten crooked teeth. Your gums can acquire a healthy pink glow, rather than the dark and ragged look caused by gum disease. And we can even straighten a row of crooked teeth, and improve your bite to give you a bright, confident smile.

We use cutting-edge dental techniques, and a range of innovative materials, to work our magic on your mouth. And aesthetic dentistry is not just about appearance – straightening and strengthening your teeth, and improving your bite, can improve the function of your teeth as well. A win-win for you.

Our patients report improved self-confidence when we have worked on their smiles. It is a simple way of feeling a lot better about yourself.

Cosmetic dentistry near me

If you are wondering, are there options for aesthetic dentistry near me, the good news is that we offer a range of treatments. It is important to discuss what outcome you want with your dentist to get the best advice.

Teeth Whitening

Life gives our teeth a battering – whether it is smoking, coffee, wine, or just forgetting to brush regularly. We offer two solutions. The first is our “intensive two hour treatment” – you will leave with a brighter, whiter smile after using our powerful bleaching gel. You can then continue the whitening process at home with a tooth whitening kit.

White Fillings

A mouth full of fillings can spoil your smile. But today we offer both the traditional silver amalgam filling, or a white ceramic filling that matches the original tooth. This filling will be invisible.

Orthodontics and Teeth Straightening

If your teeth are crooked and spoiling your smile you might be suitable for orthodontics. We offer traditional fixed braces, and more innovative Invisalign systems to slowly push your teeth back into line. Going for this sort of treatment is a big commitment, and we will help you make an informed decision on whether it suits your needs and lifestyle.

Whether your issue is upper or lower crowding, uneven teeth, or protruding teeth, we are happy to help.

Dental implants

Embarrassed by that gap in your smile? Dental implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth, improving the stability of your dentures and the appearance of your smile. The implant is a titanium root set in your gum, with a new tooth or crown on top, styled to match your other teeth. It is robust and long-lasting.


Perhaps your teeth are discoloured, worn down, cracked or chipped? Or is there a small gap that needs filling? We can bring back a healthy, natural smile with veneers – a porcelain layer that builds up the teeth, and restores their natural beauty. Composite bonding is another option. Today this can be done without drilling – no pain, lots of gain. And the results are strong, and will last up to twenty years with care.

Looking for a quick perk-up?

The simplest aesthetic dentistry treatment near you is a scale and polish. Dentists know how to clean teeth, so let us do a thorough job on your molars. We can reach spots where your toothbrush can’t reach. We begin by scaling – removing layers of plaque which can build up on your teeth. Then we use a high speed brush to remove stains and polish your teeth.

Who knew a visit to the dentist would leave you smiling!

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Super friendly and welcoming staff. Have been going here almost 2 years and always leave with a smile on my face!! Grainne is extremely professional and very friendly. I also found the location ideal as I work closely and so I am able to call in after work, the late evening opening hours at Cork Dental Care are brilliant!

From the fabulous welcome at the front desk, to the 5-star care and attention from Debbie the hygienist, I couldn’t compliment this practice enough. Looking forward to my return visit. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again guys. Keep up the great work.

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