Composite Bonding (Veneers)

Composite Bonding (Veneers)

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Composite Bonding (Veneers)

What is bonding?

Simply, it is a technique used to stick tooth-coloured materials (composite) to teeth. It is the same material used for composite fillings.

How does it work?

The tooth enamel is gently cleaned to prepare the surface before the bonding agent is placed. The dentist will then apply tooth coloured composite resin material in small amounts over a stained, crooked, short, chipped, or broken tooth. A special light is then used to harden and set the material. The material is then polished to perfection. Once complete, the material will look just like natural tooth enamel.


  • Results in natural colour
  • Predictable aesthetic and functional results
  • No drilling of the tooth necessary and therefore no injection required.
  • Most cases accomplished in just one appointment.
  • No impressions need to be taken and no temporaries are required.
  • Future treatment options are wide and varied in most cases.
  • The cost associated is significantly lower than porcelain veneers.

Can I schedule a consultation?

We offer consultations for this treatment to find out suitability and to discuss options with you. The cost of this consultation is €50, which is deducted from your treatment fee should you proceed. You can contact us to schedule your appointment.

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