Vanessa’s Braces journey

Vanessa’s Braces journey

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Vanessa’s Braces journey

Vanessa will be smiling all the way to the alter in December this year – thanks to Dr Grania O’Connell and the team at Cork Dental Care!

Vanessa, who celebrates her 40 something birthday this week was truly gushing in her praise. Like many of us, Vanessa had a dread of the dentist due to unhappy experience as a child. It took an occasion such as her wedding to face her fears and decide to get braces.

“My teeth were all crossed over…I’m getting married in December (2015) so that was the push behind it….I went through life hiding my mouth, embarrassed – now I’m beaming and I still have braces on!”

On her first visit Grania did an impression for the braces and took it from there. Vanessa gets the braces tightened once a month and visits the dental hygienist as well. The braces she has are the clear Six Month Smiles ones.

Vanessa is thrilled she has finally overcome her fear of the dentist – she actually looks forward to her visits these days! “The experience is fantastic, so relaxed, you don’t feel like you’re at a dentist at all – even in the waiting room you could be sitting waiting to get your hair done … And Justine on reception is a ticket, she really puts you at ease”.

“Before, the experience would have brought on a panic attack…”

“I couldn’t stress enough how relaxed and friendly they are – anyone who’s afraid of the dentist I’d bring them by the hand myself”!

Vanessa can’t wait until December when the braces are off and she gets her teeth whitened for the big day – “I can’t wait to get them whitened when the braces are off – they’re moving in the right direction and are completely different already”.

We can’t wait to see the finished product either Vanessa!

Interview and writing by Annette Coburn (Author)

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Super friendly and welcoming staff. Have been going here almost 2 years and always leave with a smile on my face!! Grainne is extremely professional and very friendly. I also found the location ideal as I work closely and so I am able to call in after work, the late evening opening hours at Cork Dental Care are brilliant!

From the fabulous welcome at the front desk, to the 5-star care and attention from Debbie the hygienist, I couldn’t compliment this practice enough. Looking forward to my return visit. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again guys. Keep up the great work.

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