Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening

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Professional teeth whitening

A warm and winning smile is one of your biggest assets. First impressions last, and you only get one chance to make that first impression. So you want the most dazzling smile. Straight, white teeth make your smile irresistible, and luckily your dentist is well able to bring out the best in your gnashers.

At Cork Dental Care we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best solutions to your dental needs. And don’t leave it until you need a filling to drop in to your local teeth whitening dentist! Teeth whitening is one of the quickest ways of producing a dramatic transformation in your appearance. But it is important to go to a qualified tooth whitening dentist to get the best results.

What causes yellow teeth?

In short, life causes yellow teeth. Many of us grow up with sloppy dental hygiene habits, and by the time we understand the value of daily brushing and flossing, the damage has begun. On top of that, many habits can damage the appearance of our teeth. Heavy smokers often end up with nicotine-stained teeth, but other things can also cause stains or discolouration. Common culprits are coffee and wine.

Discolouration doesn’t always mean the tooth is unhealthy, but it does always spoil your appearance. If you feel ashamed to share your smile, you might need to talk to us about healthy teeth whitening.

Can I do healthy teeth whitening at home?

Over the counter whitening strips are much less expensive than professional whitening. But because they are not used by dental experts, they are not the same products we use at Cork Dental Care. They will make an impact on the surface stains, but often stains go deep into the enamel, and DIY solutions don’t reach that deep. So your result will be a slight lightening that does not last.

The teeth whitening cost with a professional is a bit more, but the result is superior. And the tooth whitening cost with us works out better long term. Instead of spending on strips every month for limited results, you do the job right from the start. You will achieve a truly bright, white smile that lasts.

What can I expect?

A teeth whitening dentist will consult with you to make sure the process is safe and painless. We will ensure that the gels we use do not trigger sensitivity in your teeth, and we will protect your gums. Your comfort is a primary concern.

You can expect your teeth to be several shades lighter after the treatment. The results are very noticable. And they last for up to two years.

Healthy teeth whitening reaches deep beneath the surface of the enamel of your teeth, to brighten your smile from the inside. You can expect a smile up to eight shades lighter for years to come. The tooth whitening cost is an investment in your future.

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