David swapped cigarettes for Six Month Smiles

David swapped cigarettes for Six Month Smiles

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David swapped cigarettes for Six Month Smiles

David, who’s in his early thirties, hadn’t been to the dentist for years. Like a lot of us, he was put off by childhood experience – “I’d go to the dentist and they’d say ‘this isn’t going to hurt’ and it couldn’t be further from the truth”!

So when a friend suggested he get Six Month Smiles braces to straighten his teeth he was very reluctant. But after a bit of resistance he went along to Cork Dental Care for a consultation just to get an idea of what would be involved – and he’s never looked back “I took the plunge, I had a consultation, I was mortally fearing it…now Grania will be my dentist for as long as I’m able to go”.

David affirmed what so many clients of Cork Dental Care have said before “They’re all so friendly, right through the practice; even sitting in reception is different, usually people are just flicking through magazines, but here everyone is chatting in the waiting room; I think that’s unusual”.

While David had looked after his teeth in terms of brushing and using mouth wash he’d never dealt with the issue of his crooked teeth, and it did hold him back from smiling with confidence – “I never really smiled; always the teeth were at the back of my mind ; crooked, tooth growing out the back…”.
David got the top braces off in June and the bottom ones are coming off this week. He couldn’t be happier about the whole experience.

“I went on my holidays to Iceland in June; a week before I went away I got the top braces off; I took my first selfie of myself – smiling – I though who’s that? My first real smile – before I used to sort of grin”.

At the beginning David was worried about the expense but very quickly he was able to justify it “I thought it would be too expensive; but it works out at less than a box of fags a week for me, I gave up smoking 13 months ago, I’d never go back there”.

We reckon that’s a great swop – braces for cigarettes. Well done from all at Cork Dental Care.

Interview performed and article written by Annette Coburn

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Super friendly and welcoming staff. Have been going here almost 2 years and always leave with a smile on my face!! Grainne is extremely professional and very friendly. I also found the location ideal as I work closely and so I am able to call in after work, the late evening opening hours at Cork Dental Care are brilliant!

From the fabulous welcome at the front desk, to the 5-star care and attention from Debbie the hygienist, I couldn’t compliment this practice enough. Looking forward to my return visit. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again guys. Keep up the great work.

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